A few things I'd like to note after initial release testing:
Initial testing showed that lag seemed to be under control even when 10 or more people were on single server. Server CPU usage was really good and nothing crashed either so thats a plus!

I've heard from several people now that they'd prefer the joystick control to adjust its output based on the direction the ship is facing, so I will work on implementing that for the first patch.

As far as bugs are concerned:
  • I witnessed a visual problem when a capture point was not displayed as fully captured even though it was. The adjacent points were in-fact unlocked correctly, but the animation did not indicate that. It only happened once but i'll look into it.
  • There was definitely a problem with firing rates intermittently being increased past the normal rate. I think it might have something to do with PtP or internal abilities incorrectly modifying something... but I don't know yet.