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    D-Pad Control
    The D-Pad or joystick (depending on user settings) is displayed in this area. Pressing up on the control accelerates the ship forward relative to its current direction. The left and right areas turn the ship in their respective directions. Pressing down on the control accelerates the ship opposite of its current direction. The diagonals provide a combination of acceleration and turning. If you've ever played Asteroids, you know how this works. The D-Pad's buttons are not proportional; pressing the up/left diagonal provides the maximum forward and left output the ship can provide.

    Joystick Control
    The joystick functions similarly to the D-Pad, except that all inputs are proportional. The further the user positions their thumb from the center of the control, the more acceleration the ship provides. The further the thumb is placed to the right or left, the faster the ship turns. As a consequence of this, commanding the ship to both turn and accelerate at its maximum is impossible. Additionally, commanding the ship to turn without accelerating slightly, or accelerate without turning slightly, is nearly impossible.

    Relative Joystick Control
    This method allows the user to simply point in the desired direction of travel. The ship will automatically rotate and accelerate in the specified direction. While this method can complicate more advanced forms of movement such as strafing and moving backwards, its simplified approach may be preferable to some users.

    Dual Joystick Control
    As a fourth option, the user can select the dual joystick control scheme. This option enables two joysticks, one for thrust and the other for turning. The left joystick (in the traditional joystick control location) controls turning. The right joystick (located above the ship abilities panel) controls thrust. This control scheme suffers none of the limitations of the conventional joystick, as the user is able to fully thrust and turn at the same time, as well as accelerate without turning slightly, and turn without accelerating slightly. Its one drawback is, however, that the user cannot thrust and use the ship abilities panel simultaneously.

    All control schemes enable the user to gradually bring their ship to a complete stop by pressing and holding in the center of the control.

    Ship Abilities
    This area of the HUD displays the ship's four abilities. All abilities fit into one of four categories: Projectile, AOE, Internal, and Point to Point. Projectile abilities are those that spawn a moving object, such as a missile or bullet. Every ship has a projectile ability and it is always on the right side of the Ship Abilities Panel. AOE abilities affect an area around the ship. In the case of the Orca's EMP Burst, for example, enemy ships in the vicinity of the Orca instantly loose a portion of their shields and energy. Internal abilities are localized buffs. For instance, the Hammerhead can activate the Overload ability which increases its rate of fire. Point to Point abilities go from one ship to another via the targeting system. The Swordfish can activate its webifier by first clicking on an enemy player's ship, and hitting the webify button. This decreases the maximum speed of the targeted ship.

    Ship Status
    The Ship Status Panel displays the HP, Shields, and Energy of the ship. HP represents the durability of the physical armor and structure of the ship. As HP decreases the image of the ship varies accordingly, displaying cracks and other damage. Shields are an energy field that protects the ship from enemy fire. When a shielded ship is hit by an attack it's shield momentarily becomes visible. This can be an excellent indicator for Orca pilots deciding on which ally to give their Shield Transfer. Finally, energy indicates the amount of power that remains in the ship's capacitor. All abilities use some amount of energy. It is good to note that not only do energy and shields regenerate, but their rate of regeneration varies. The amount regenerated is at its lowest when the value approaches its maximum, and also drops off below about 1/4. Regeneration is greatest at about 1/3 capacity.

    The Objectives Panel displays the current status of the combat environment's control points. Blue bases are always on either the top or left of the map, while red bases are on either the bottom or right. For this reason, capture points in the Objectives Panel are always listed from the top of the map to the bottom, or from the left of the map to the right. Blue squares indicate points owned by the blue team, red squares indicate points owned by the red team, and gray squares indicate points owned by neither team. As a point is being captured, the capturing team's color will slowly fill the point's corresponding square on the objectives panel. When the capturing team's color completely fills the square, the point is captured.

    When playing King of the Hill, the objectives panel contains only one capture point square, which is located in the center. To the left is the blue team's time required to hold the point, and to the right the red team's.

    A mainly defensive ship, the Hammerhead was designed to prevent enemies from overrunning key positions. It's equipped with several abilities which allow it to stand it's ground against seemingly impossible odds.

    Autocannons - Projectile. Dish out the damage with explosive rounds.

    Overload - Internal. Increase the rate of fire while sacrificing turning rate. Great for projecting devastating damage on choke-points and control points.

    Reinforce - Internal. Increase shield resistance to incoming damage by shunting engine power to shield generators. Decreases incoming damage to shields by 25% while sacrificing maximum speed.

    Repair - Internal. Engineers were able to equip the Hammerhead with ablative armor regenerators, however, their use drains almost all of the engine and directional thrusters on the ship, and is thus only recommended for use out of combat or in emergency situations.

    A light fast attack ship, the Swordfish was designed as a fast attack fighter, able to get in, do it's job and get out.

    Plasma Cannon - Projectile. Fire a devastating plasma shot.

    Webifier - Point to Point. Slow down the targeted ship. Great for tackling fast opponents like other Swordfish.

    Repel - AOE. Re-modulates your sub-light engines to reflect projectiles back at your enemies, and push enemy ships out of position.

    Boost - Internal. Transfers some energy from the directional thrusters to increase the acceleration and maximum speed of the ship sacrificing some maneuverability

    Originally a class 5 science vessel, the Orca has been re-purposed to support ships in combat. It's armed with several abilities that increase the effectiveness of the other ships in the fleet.

    Rocket Pods - Projectile. Fire explosive rockets at your enemies. These rockets accelerate after they are launched.

    EMP Burst - AOE. Overloads the internal power matrix of the ship to inflict devastating damage to enemy shield and energy reserves. Great for hitting groups of players on control points.

    Shield Transfer - Point to Point. Uses a modified sub-space carrier wave to rapidly regenerate the shielding on the targeted ship.

    Energy Transfer - Point to Point. Uses directional electromagnetic inductors to Increase the targeted ship's energy reserves. Scientists have found that Energy Transfer provides more energy than it costs to activate.

    Game Modes
    Capture Point
    The objective of the Capture Point game mode is to gain control of all capture points on the map. To achieve this, each team must defend friendly points while pushing forward to seize enemy points. A point may be captured by a friendly ship when it resides within the boundaries of a neutral or enemy point. The point will begin flashing to indicate that a change of ownership is occurring. Also, the Objectives Panel will display your team's color filling the point's corresponding square. Once the flashing stops and your team color has fully filled the square, the point is under your team's control. Partially captured points will slowly decay back to their previous state. Points further from the center of the map take less time to capture to compensate for their proximity to the enemy spawn.

    King of the Hill
    The objective of the King of the Hill game mode is to capture and hold a point for a specified amount of time. Each team begins the round with an equal amount of time required to hold the point. When the point is under your team's control, your team's timer counts down. When the point changes ownership, your team's remaining time is preserved, and the other team's timer counts down. A team wins when their timer reaches zero.

    Team Deathmatch
    Planned. Not implemented.

    Capture the Flag
    Planned. Not Implemented.

    General Settings
    Show Player Names - Displays the screen names of other players in close proximity to their ship. This is great for finding your friends on the battlefield or identifying high-threat targets.
    Use Joystick - This option switches out the default D-Pad for a proportional joystick-like control scheme.
    D-Pad Size - Select one of three sizes.

    Stats / Debug
    Display Right - Changes the side on which the stats / debug information is displayed.
    Show FPS - Shows the number of frames your phone is displaying per second.
    Show Ping - Shows the time it takes to get from you to the server.
    Show Full Network Statistics - Displays packets per second (send and receive), packet loss, and jitter.
    Show Position - Displays your X and Y coordinates as well as your speed.
    Multi-Touch Debugging - Displays lines that indicate the position at which your phone is receiving your inputs.

    Game Updates / Second -
    Client Command Rate -
    Time Nudge - Used to compensate for your connection's latency. Predicts the positions of ships and projectiles into the future by the set number of milliseconds.
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    TL;DR Quick Tips:
    • Press and hold the center of the D-Pad to bring your ship to a complete stop. This is useful for capturing control points.
    • Press the phone's camera button to quickly bring up the Ship Selection menu. This menu can also be accessed by hitting the options button and selecting Re-Launch.
    • Press the phone's search button to view the score screen.
    • To change your desired ship without immediately respawning, select a new ship and press cancel instead of launch.
    • Press another player's ship to target them. This is required for the use of point-to-point abilities such as Webifier, Energy Transfer, and Shield Transfer.
    • Energy and shield regeneration rates vary. The amount regenerated is at its lowest when the value approaches the maximum, and also drops off steeply below about 1/4. Regeneration is greatest at about 1/3 capacity.
    • The capture rate of a control point varies depending on the number of players within the capture area. The greater the number of players, the faster the point is captured.
    • Capture points in the objectives panel are listed in order from top to bottom, left to right.
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