What's this? A new patch after all this time?! Well, if anyone even reads this, don't get your hopes up too much as this is still a dead project =P

New Features:
Added rumble feedback when taking damage.
Bug Fixes:
Fixed crash when entering the options menu on newer phones.
Fixed screen sizing bug that could occur if the phone is detected to be in vertical orientation when loading game.
Players can no longer target their own ship when displaying network ghost position.
Balance Changes:
Swordfish plasma cannon damage decreased from 25 to 22.
Orca shield transfer bonus decreased from 25 to 20.
Cannot connect to servers on Android Gingerbread (as tested on Droid X running 2.3.4). Previous and future versions of android appear to be unaffected. See the issue here: https://code.google.com/p/android/is...etail?id=16579