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Thread: The Falcon

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    The Falcon

    Researchers are developing a new ship that will soon be available for launch. They call it the Falcon; a fast and offensive vessel equipped with advanced weapon systems. The Falcon's combat prowess is attained via the ship's high maneuverability and devastating AoE energy-burst weapons.



    Blaster - A high-powered experimental energy-weapon capable of emitting destruction over a wide area. While high in both damage and the number of potential-targets effected, the attack dissipates quickly resulting in a short range attack that rapidly drains the capacitor.

    Fury Rocket - The Fury Rocket carries a payload based on the technologies used in the ship's Blaster. While less powerful per shot than the Blaster, this weapon provides a much needed ranged option for Falcon pilots while they are closing the gap to the enemy.

    Shield-Energy Relay - The Blaster's significant capacitor requirements make short work of the Falcon's energy reserves. To compensate for this, test pilots have discovered a work-around that takes advantage of the Falcon's advanced power management systems. A skilled pilot can utilize the power tied-up in the ship's shield emitters and transfer it directly the energy reserves.

    Boost - The Falcon's engines can enter a high-output mode that increases the ship's speed and acceleration. This allows the Falcon to both get in close to inflict damage and escape from a bad situation.
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    Thing I made:

    Laser: your typical, overpowered, laser cannon. Its unaffected by shields, but does little damage. Damage has a stacking effect, such that damage = some constant X by some increment of time...assuming of course, laser is kept on target.
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