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Thread: Not enough players online?

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    Not enough players online?

    In order to help everyone who wishes to play this game but cannot find enough people online to play with, we are organizing a scheduled time for players to get online and play.

    How to participate:
    This event is planned for every Thursday evening starting at or around 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EST. For those with conflicting schedules or time zones, try to get online as close to this time as your schedule allows.

    I hope that soon more people will be playing Deimos and that measures such as this will become unnecessary. Hopefully there will come a time when there are always enough players online to keep at least one server full, but for now, lets try to fill some servers on Thursday evenings!

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    Well, its 5:39 here (mnt time). How do I start a server?

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