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    Overall I'm loving the game so far. What I would suggest at the moment is reduce the amount of servers so that we can get one or two active servers going. Raise the profile of the beta by posting it on droidgamers getandroidsruff droidappz etc.

    My final suggestion is game pLay related. As a method if controlling the ship could you try implementing two sliders either side.of the sskill bar. The one on the left for forwards and back. And the one on the right for rotating theship. I feel this would give more control to the player and eventually will allow for more skilful gameplay.

    As A recovering continuum addict I was very happy typo come across this. Keep up the good work, and try premote the game a little more

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    Yes, there are a lot of extra servers at the moment - I wish they were getting more use. I could reduce the number of servers, but the servers do not currently have a map cycle so reducing could mean eliminating some maps.

    As for the control method you suggested, have you tried the dual joystick option? It does essentially exactly what you are asking for except that they aren't sliders. Each one just has one of its axis's disabled, except its actually opposite from what you are asking - the left one is for rotation and the right one is for thrust. I thought this way would be better since the player would usually want to be able to aim and shoot at the same time, thus the left would be rotation since your right thumb would be used to press the ability buttons. Anyway, maybe at some point I will change them to be more like a slider control, but for now it should work very similarly.

    And yes, we need to raise the profile of this game! So far we've made posts on almost a dozen forums, but I will check out the sites you listed and post there too if we haven't already.

    Thanks for posting your suggestions!

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